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D-I Menís Basketball Official Dick Cartmell — Part II
Exclusive Interview

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  D-I Menís Basketball Official Dick Cartmell — Part II You are a clinician at some camps. Can you mention the camps at which you've been a clinician?

Dick Cartmell: The only camp I get to is the PAC-10 camp where everybody goes, or I'll give a clinic to a high school association every year. Every year I give them a clinic on the top ten things that drive me nuts, and just go over the whole deal for a couple of hours. I do a little on-the-court thing with them.

I've just been to a couple of PAC 10 camps the last couple of years. This year they're going to have me talk about some stuff, but I do have a passion for it because I think I know how to teach it. Can we go back to the tournament situation? Describe how you moved up?

Cartmell: Bob Herrold had me working NIT games the first couple of years. Then in my first four years in the NCAA tournament I worked one round, one game and out. And, you knew that, going in?

Cartmell: Yeah. The first year I worked was the first year they told you whether you were working one or two. And, the next two years I worked two games, and then the last five I had two rounds again and then a Regional game. And, then this year I went all the way to the championship game. My partners were Jimmy Burr and Tony Greene. For Burr, it was something like his 13th Final Four.


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