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M In this program, "An Observer’s Perspective on Keys to Successful College Basketball Officiating, Tynes Hildebrand provides you with a unique perspective on the important traits required of basketball officials who want to move up the officiating ladder.

For 17 years, Tynes was the head basketball coach at Northwestern State University. After his coaching career, he became Northwestern's athletic director. Presently, Tynes observes for Dale Kelley, coordinator of men’s basketball officials for the Big XII, Conference USA, and Sun Belt. Supervisors consider Tynes to be very thorough in his approach, for he has an uncanny ability to evaluate an official’s performance. The better officials use that evaluation as a tool to help them improve.

Without a doubt, Tynes’ background and experience in college basketball is unparalleled. In this program, Tynes gets right to the point and focuses on the key elements that he considers important to your success. His professional and forthright demeanor is both refreshing and insightful.

Here’s what Tynes will share with you:

  1. mentally preparing for each game;
  2. conducting a definitive pre-game conference;
  3. what he looks for when observing officials; and
  4. further tips for ensuring success in "the big time."

M In this program, Advanced Front Court Mechanics and Positioning, veteran NCAA official Eddie Jackson provides you with proven mechanics and positioning pointers that will improve your call selection and, therefore, your overall accuracy.

For nearly 15 years, Eddie has officiated Division I men’s basketball in several major conferences, including the Big XII, Conference USA, and Mountain West. He has been selected to work the NCAA Tournament for many years and is considered a Lead official in the conferences that he officiates. Eddie is also a small college supervisor of officials in Oklahoma.

Here are the topics Eddie shares with you in this exciting presentation:

  1. closing down;
  2. points of origin;
  3. getting the right angle;
  4. keys to rotation;
  5. officiating the "Lone Ranger Play";
  6. the importance of double whistles; and
  7. free-throw coverage.

M In this presentation, "Sweetening Your Initial Public Offering, PAC-10 observer Monte Walters provides you with powerful tips designed to improve your game. Monte focuses on the importance that video technology plays in the evaluation of officials. Using an investment metaphor of "Initial Public Offering," he defines the IPO acronym as


Positioning, and

On-court communications.

By turning our focus on those variables, we officials will inevitably experience an upward trend in the "value of our stock."

Monte shares his knowledge in a positive way. Shortly into the tape, you’ll recognize, just as we did, that he knows what he’s talking about; his insight is unique and refreshing. By the way, you may recognize the name Walters because his son Rex played in the NBA. Here are other topics Monte covers:

  1. the picture painted by charting fouls and violations;
  2. how an observer provides feedback to officials;
  3. how all the reports – that is, coach’s, observer’s, and officials – mesh to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an official; and
  4. the impact of video technology on college officiating.

M In this presentation, Little Things Make All the Difference, veteran NCAA official Steve Welmer provides you with powerful advice that has made him one of the top officials in men’s collegiate basketball.

For more than two decades, Steve has officiated Division I men’s basketball in several major conferences, including the Big XII, Big Ten, Conference USA, and Mountain West. Also, he has been selected to work the NCAA Tournament for many years, and he is recognized as a down-to-earth official who is approachable and always interested in helping younger officials excel.

Here are the topics that Steve will share with you:

  1. smart communication;
  2. breaking down the game;
  3. approachability;
  4. firm talk with coaches;
  5. appearance and attitude, and — as the cliché goes
  6. much, much more.

Our Editor-in-Chief reminds us that a statement becomes a cliché only if it’s true!

Here's another cliché: You always get the best at articles, books, videos. Nobody does it better.

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