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Mechanics - Two-man Crew — Part IX
Calling the fouls (continued)

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The last time our officials were on the court, they were administering a throw-in. In that article, we discussed how to administer the throw-in, special situations, fouls, warnings, and violations during the throw-in. Click the link provided to review the article.

Let's take a look at a couple of plays

I'll use two plays from our last article:

Play 1 - A1 dribbles into the front court and throws a pass to A2 who is standing at the top of the key. A2 shoots the ball, and after the ball has left his hand, B2 — while in his vertical plane — blocks the shot. After the ball has been blocked, B2 hits A2's arm. The play takes place in our trail's primary coverage area. Team "A" is not in the bonus. Team "B" has three team fouls charged against them.


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